Latest Version MiniLyrics v6.7.45 Full Crack

By | February 5, 2015

MiniLyrics is a small and lightweight software that able to displaying all the lyrics of the currently playing song in music player media such as Winamp, windows media player and media player clasick. All music lovers shall have this software, get the latest version 6.7.45 MiniLyrics full crack on the download link I have provided.

This application has a database of millions songs from all over the world, a variety of music are also available here and is the most complete software database at this time. Especially popular songs must have been there in the database MiniLyrics, As soon as the song is playing then MiniLyrics will display the lyrics of the song.

MiniLyrics immediately open automatically when you are running and playing the songs in MP3 media player, as soon as it MiniLyrics will display a song lyric that you can follow your song being played back.

New Features MiniLyrics 2015

Here are some of the latest features added to the latest version MiniLyrics 6.7.45 2015 full version:

  1. Improved compatibility with Windows Media Player on Windows 8
  2. Added menu save LRC tag
  3. Corrected addition of lyric on iTunes M4A file
MiniLyrics is very useful for music lovers, with this software will be easier for you to be able to memorize all song lyric correctly and easily, finally happy to enjoy your favorite songs and imitating the song by using the latest MiniLyrics 2015 full crack.
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