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By | January 28, 2014

Cloud Storage service is now more popular and widely used for data backup , SurDoc is one reliable cloud storage service provider and provide 100 GB free for users who have signed up in SurDoc.

If you are a mobile then cloud storage is an indispensable requirement , cloud storage is a safe place to store data and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
You can upload important data owned and synchronize with the cloud drive cloud storage provider owned . Cloud Storage can also serve as a secure data backup for cloud storage technology also has its own security system guarding the privacy of the user.

Why should backup the data in the cloud storage ?

Here are some reasons to consider why you have to store data in the cloud storage:

  1. Hard drive of your computer can be damaged at any time
  2. CD / DVD backup of your data can be scratched , damaged and data can be corrupted at any time
  3. Using External HD , USB Flashdrive often fail at any time without notice and may be lost or stolen
  4. Computer viruses can erase important files
  5. Data ‘s computer could have been damaged and lost due to computer system crashes
  6. Important files can be deleted accidentally
  7. Trying to recover lost data can cost thousands of dollars , and often impossible

With computer data backup and storage of important files does not guarantee that you have a really safe from various threats and viruses that attack damage.

My suggestion SurDoc use cloud storage that provides a variety of services and ease of data backup and has been awarded as cloud computing Excellence Award 2013. One of the highlights of surdoc are giving you 100 GB of cloud storage for free.

What are the Advantages Backup Data at SurDoc cloud storage ?

There are many advantages that can be obtained by performing data backups in cloud storage are as follows :

  1. The data you’re guaranteed safe and secure by the security system owned cloud storage .
  2. Easily synchronize with surdoc
  3. Free 100 GB of storage
  4. Can be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as there Internet network
  5. Files that you save safe from virus attacks

Get it now with just sign up to SurDoc , you ‘ll get free cloud storage of 100 GB plus automated backup to the cloud using SSL encryption privacy features.

To get 100 GB of free cloud storage on SurDoc please register via the link below.

Sign Up to SurDoc and get 100 GB free

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