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By | September 19, 2015

folder LockFolder Lock 7.5.5 Full Version is a program that you can use to secure folders or files from accessed , modified by someone else , Folder Lock is also a folder locking software that is very popular and one of the main folder locker software is best at this time , you can easily lockfolders containing important files to be more secure than stolen by others .

If you have important documents and do not want your document to be found and views of others on a computer or laptop Windows you have, you should immediately download latest Folder Lock 7.5.5 full version 2015 to protect file or folder and make it safer, you can add a password to open the folder so other people who do not know the password will not be able to open and modify existing files.

Folder Lock 7.5.5 Full Version very effective in protecting the files you have from various threats of data theft often occurs either from a computer or over a network , in addition to protect a folder by folder lock 7 is an existing file in the folder will be safer from malicious virus attacks, whatever the type of virus would not be able to enter into the protected folder so the file you are 100 % safe.

Features Folder Lock 7.5.5 Full Version 2015

  • Able to lock files and folders so that safer
  • Able to perform encryption on files and folders
  • Support portable locker
  • Create a digital wallet to secure important documents such as credit cards and other
  • Able to permanently delete files so they can not be restored
  • Remove windows history and activity of your dikomputer
  • Lock folders with passwords that can not be accessed
  • Support with Windows 10

Download Update latest version folder lock 2016

Immediate download and install Folder Lock 7.5.5 Full Version with keygen on a windows computer you have and use keygen available for the activation process and create a folder lock 7 into the full version forever , you can use this software to secure important files any good video ,photos, MP3 , PDF , documents and other files easily , you can install folder lock 7.5.5 properly on Windows XP , Vista , 7 and 8 / 8.1 and support for the latest Windows 10 version 32 bit and 64 bit. Secure files and important documents that you have with folder lock latest version 2015 and make it more secure from theft and virus attack.
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