DU Battery Saver Pro v3.9.8 cracked apk

By | March 2, 2015

Du battery saver proDU Battery Saver PRO v3.9.8 apk is an android application that is useful to conserve battery android gadget, this application has been widely used by android users worldwide and is the most widely used at least until today, with pro features provided will be stronger in order to save battery power up to 70%.

Android phone battery problems were quickly exhausted is something that often arise at this time, you have a useless gadget android with a myriad of cool features in it but do not have a long-lasting battery. This is where you need an application that is able to regulate and conserve battery usage on android smartphone, you can use the DU Battery Saver Pro which has proven capability and reliability to conserve battery affairs android phone.

Du battery saver pro version is not free, to be able to have it you have to pay, but here I will share to you the DU battery saver Pro v3.9.8 cracked apk that you can install on android gadgets and enjoy all the pro features are provided without having pay for.

Features DU Battery Saver Pro 3.9.8 apk

There are at least three main features that make the DU battery saver worthy to be your choice, are as follows

1. Intelligent Switching Mode

DU pro battery saver will automatically switch to battery saving mode according your preferences, this mode will run automatically when the battery capacity has reached a certain level.

2. Auto Clear Application

DU battery saver pro will automatically shut down all applications running in the background and draining battery power, you can make arrangements for a particular application so as not to be closed automatically by the DU batteery saver pro.

3. CPU frequency

This feature will save your battery power by reducing the processor speed of your android phone when the screen is locked or is not used. To be able to do so takes android who has been at the root.

All these features can be found in DU battery saver pro 3.9.8 apk I have provided a download link, download and install the application DU battery saver pro immediately to get extra battery power and make your android phone battery last longer.

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